Barisimo Suede Shoe Care Kit
Barisimo Suede Shoe Care Kit

Barisimo Suede Shoe Care Kit

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Our Barisimo Suede Shoe care Kit is essential to reviving your favorite pair of suede / nubuck shoes and products.

It is 100% manufactured in Italy and comes in a custom box that features a dark brown python leather style finishing, measuring 18 x 11 x 5 cm. This kit can be purchased individually (single unit order) and will be produced unlabeled, that is, no brand names / logos will be engraved on the products or the box.

It contains one (1) rounded brass brush; one (1) rounded crepe suede brush; one (1) nubuck recovery spray; one (1) small brush crepe eraser tool.

Please refer to the included Care Guide included on the box for use instructions.

We also recommend as part of your shoe care plan to use shoe trees in all your shoes when not being worn.