About Us

Barisimo's Expertise

We actually started years ago. So I created Barisimo from seeing my mom sew clothing items for other high end designers. And I asked my mom for 1 tee shirt with my name Barisimo across the chest. I ended up with 100 black tee shirts with the name Barisimo on them. Then I created the Barisimo Jeans for Men. I found out the hard way what a woman likes. And its a new pair of Barisimo Jeans. So I made them. And will continue to create them for an Eternity!

We are very excited to be in the clothing industury to keep our customers coming back for comfort and selection at Barisimo!!!

We have been making clothing for other high end designers for over 50 years and we have decided to create our own brand, Barisimo! At the moment we offer Barisimo Jeans for the Elite Doll!

Our Barisimo Denim sells fast!!!

Vogue Fashion has been our niche for over 50 years!!